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Safari in Kruger National Park

When the starry sky glimpsed again the Southern Cross and the first faint rays of the sun make the stars dull, distant, and hundreds of shades of indigo flood the empyrean. This is the heaven of the Kruger Park, South Africa, where the visual impact is perhaps the most upright, but the smell immediately catches the attention: the scents of frangipani and acacias are mixed, while the dew soaked grass gives off a strong feeling of the wild. Finally, the hearing takes over: the man is surrounded by the silence enveloping the bush, while the silence of nature is interrupted rhythmically by bubolare owls or the drumming of woodpeckers.

The life of a safari : The life of a safari is punctuated by a slow pace, but meaningful: rising at dawn, the first safari, the Inglese breakfast on the way back, the walking safari in the late morning, the second breakfast, siesta, afternoon tea, Safari afternoon and dinner in the boma around the fire, enjoying the usual foods and local game. Tangere shrubs of petrified trees, slide your hands between the reddish earth of the bush, returning the traveler to reality, Africa … It is not a dream. Fresh on the heels of traces of lion teams, hidden between high hedges while studying the grazing herbivores alert, the traveler becomes trapped in the circle of life, where the air is imbued with the tension of the hunt, and for a moment evokes in us ancestral rituals and lost.


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The safari, which limit Swahili means journey, it is an engaging, charming, seductive, sometimes cruel, where the primal instinct of survival prevails and encompasses the fauna in a huge chessboard. There is no checkmate, but a continuous succession of pedestrians and other actors, teetering between the brink of extinction and the victory of supremacy.

The afternoon safari starts the night hunting, while the morning coincides with the search for peace and rest. The walking safari thins down the barriers between man and animal, bringing the traveler to the roots; when the man was fighting for survival, and followed the animals, with the heat of the day retreat in the shade and charm are calmed. The walking among the expanses of the bush is the culmination of a lifetime: to trample the earth, to see a short distance away a herd of tame antelope, go next door to a family of giraffes or a placid herd of zebras indifferent.

Dinner : The dinner in the boma is the component of traditional safari : on a floor of sand around a brazier in stone, stands the majestic fire where, between shamanic ritual dances and stories, it consumes a sumptuous meal of grilled venison as the kudu, ostrich or crocodile, all seasoned with local dishes – the pap or bobootie, tastes alien to our tradition, but incredibly that align with our palates and are more than welcome. The meal is crown sipping the famous Cape wines with fruity aftertaste that blend beautifully with the libations.

The Kruger Park is a circumscribed universe where coexist different ecosystems that feed and support each other in the great circle of life. Here the journey is the beginning of the rediscovery of an inner path not only towards nature, untamed yet, but man, ourselves.