Cape town “Big 6” is now “Big 7”

Street Life of Cape Town will now become the part of Big 6. The City Walk, a new urban attraction has introduced by the Cape Town Partnership which is a collaboration between public and private sectors work together to develop, promote and maintain Cape Town Central City. Cape Town Big 6 (Cape Point, Robben Island, Groot Constantia, Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch and the V&A Waterfront) has now become Cape Town Big 7.

This project has been endorsed by the City of Cape Town and will unfold in the year 2015. Now from the next year, visitors will explore total seven attractions of Cape Town (Big 7) instead of exploring Big 6.

Tim Harris, head of the city’s investment directorate, said that for visitors such a route would provide an accessible and coherent means to experience Cape Town as a destination. “For locals such a route can open up the city, provide a sense of inclusivity and encourage the sense of Cape Town being a ‘crossroads’ or meeting point across divergent histories, cultures and demographics.”

Bulelwa Makalima-Ngewana, Cape Town Partnership CEO says, “The development of a curated route or cultural precinct is something that will involve the stakeholders and participants in this story. Speaking at the AGM, she appealed to the public to work with the partnership to co-create the route. “We envision a team of stakeholders who will be able to engage with us about the narrative of this route. We want it to be authentic, and to include diverse voices and perspectives.”


   “Cape Town Partnership’s 2014 AGM”

These type of voices will include all those cultural heritages, historical landmarks, institutions and organisations which are concerned with contemporary development and public life. They will also include residents, visitors, students, artists, entrepreneurs, researchers, ambitious people and everybody who finds themselves engaging with the city.

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Connect at Twitter : @ctpartnership  #CityWalkCT


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