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The Garden Route – The Most Beautiful Route Through South Africa

The Garden Route is one of the beautiful and most visited places in South Africa. It is an approximately 750 km long coastal strip and is also the most popular travel route through South Africa. The itinerary was named for the former settlers and explorers came to this fertile and green area such as the garden of Eden.

It begins in Cape Town in the Western Cape and runs to the East Cape to Port Elizabeth. The approximately 300 km long route from Mossel Bay to the Sauer bridge is considered as a classic garden route. This route can be navigated easily by car on the road N2. Because N2 is the main highway that passes through the Garden Route. It offers travelers numerous border landmarks, spectacular attractions and beautiful scenery.

Garden Route                                                                      Image Courtesy : Smee.Bruce

In the touring of Garden Route, many viewpoints invite you to linger and relax. There are different hiking routes, which are good to recognize by coloured markings. The hiking trails are classified according to degree of difficulty. The best known and most popular trail is the Otter Trail. For this trail hikers should allow several days. A shorter trail is, for example the way to the suspension bridge called the storms River Bridge, directly located at the confluence of the storm.

Along the Garden Route, there are many major cities, such as the city of George near the coast or the popular seaside resort with seafaring tradition Mossel Bay. Here is the Bartolomeu Dias Museum, which was built to commemorate the sailors. Another attraction is the Tsitsikamma National Park, one of the best known and most beautiful national parks in South Africa. The National Park is home to many ostrich farms near Oudtshoorn, as well as the stunning lagoon of Knysna.

Cango Caves & Knysna Elephant Park

To explore the Cango Caves and Knysna Elephant Park is equally impressive. The Cango Caves is one of the most beautiful hidden treasures in South Africa. These caves are located in Precambrian limestones at the foothills of the Swartberg range. Except Christmas Day, these Caves are open to the visitors every day of the year. Visit South Africa’s Garden Route each year and see millions of visitors and experience unforgettable impressions.